Messages with Spirit Portal Paintings

In 2017, I was inspired to journey with my compassionate helping Spirits and Guides on behalf of another to receive a message, meditation and image that would be supportive of this person in some way. I was guided to paint the message onto canvas and overlay with the image. The journey experience is within the canvas as well as voice recorded for the client. A guided meditation is offered to support the client in being in relationship with the painting as a portal for deepening their connection with Self and their compassionate helping Spirits and Guides. 

This has been an incredible journey! I am continually amazed and humbled by what comes through. Prior to this experience, I had never painted any kind of imagery before. I am grateful that a colleague, Whitney Freya, taught me to just let go and paint. Isn't that the invitation? Just let go- surrender what you think you know and open up to what you are receiving. Such good advice for living. 

Since then I have been guided to offer the guided meditation as a voice recording so it's easier for clients to step into. I have also been guided to invite a song, tone, or sound to be shared in the journey that would be supportive of the client. I voice record that sound for them and share how they can integrate it into their meditation and or daily practice. 

These are interactive paintings. They carry a vibration, frequency and information that are unique and supportive of YOU! You can engage with them through the provided guided meditation or by working with them as a mandala where you lightly gaze upon them with a specific intent. You can engage with them by toning or sounding the unique song you were given during the journey. You can look upon them and be reminded of the message that they carry for you. The possibilities are infinite and expand as you continue to be in relationship with them. 

Messages with Spirit Portal Paintings are $333 to include the painting set on a wall ready backing, voice recorded journey, guided meditation and sacred song/sound. Canvas sizes vary between 8x8, 10x10, 12x12 and 12x16. The size is determined by the message and imagery that comes through in the journey. 

Please allow up to 2 weeks for your Messages with Spirit Portal Painting completion. Additional time may be needed for shipping out of state. Contact Erin with any inquiries. 

If you prefer not to use PayPal, please mail financial exchange to:

Conscious Living c/o Erin DeWitt

1512 Jefferson St

Duluth, MN 55812

Please include your first and last name and contact information (email and phone). If this is for someone else, please share their first and last name and contact information and if it is a surprise gift or not. Thank you!

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