Intenders Circle

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The Intenders Circle is inspired by the National organization The Intenders of the Highest Good 

What is an Intender Circle? 

An Intenders Circle is a group of individuals that understand that they have the power to create. Together we can create a world that is thriving sustainably in all ways. ANYONE CAN DO THIS! There are 3 main reference points or things an Intenders Circle knows it can rely on. They are:

1. Our desires are in us to be fulfilled.
2. Our thoughts create our world; and
3. Our intentions must serve the highest and best good of the Universe, as well as the highest and best good of ourselves and others.
We celebrate that we are Mighty Manifesters! We say our intentions out loud everyday with a smile on our face and a feeling of celebration and joy that it is done. We imagine what it would feel like if the intention had manifested and we were living it. Witnessing it as if it had already happened. We share with others, with gratitude, what we are noticing in the world or our lives that is in alignment with the intentions we co-created. This is key. 

Guidance for how to prepare and offer a positive Intention
Picture the end result, best you can- from the beginning with your intention. What you say is what you get, this is a Universal Law. Clarity is important, being clear with our words- saying exactly what you mean. That is why we begin with "I Intend that..." this sends the message that we trust the Intention process and that we are empowered to create. 

There is an invitation to be mindful of the following words and phrases, we invite our circle to replace these phrases/words with "I Intend that":
I hope for... In hoping for something there is always room for doubt that you will witness or receive it. 
I wish for or I want...These statements imply scarcity. If there is a state of wanting then there is a state of lack. For example if I want inner peace or I wish for inner peace. I would replace with I intend inner peace. It is subtle, but intention has taken scarcity out of the picture and assisted us in aligning or getting closer to that which we really want to see in our lives or the world.
I'll try... (is a half way word- there is room in trying for it to not happen- like I will try to meet you tomorrow- not very reassuring), 
to be ... In an intenders circle we say "I intend that I am healthy and well in every way" versus I intend to behealthy and well in every way. This brings everything into the present time versus far off in the future where we are continuously "trying to be" never quite reaching it. The invitation is to step into being now. 

Examples of Global Intention:
I Intend that all water is pure, accessible and cared for by all beings. 
I intend that there are new and innovative technologies on the planet that are being shared worldwide in support of sustainable relationships with the Earth and one another. Communities are using these technologies with ease and grace. The earth's temperature and the water's temperature are exactly where they need to be for the planet and all of its inhabitants to thrive sustainably. (you can be specific here too- with cars and businesses utilizing affordable free energy technologies that are available to everyone equally etc...) 

Example of Community Intention:
I intend that the all of the sidewalks and walkways are cleared of snow and ice. Elderly folks and people that don't drive are getting to where they need to go safely with ease and grace.

Example of Personal Intention: 
I intend that I am healthy and well in every way. I feel good in my body. I am seeing the positive in all my life experiences and in the world around me.

You get the gist...