What is Conscious Action? 

Well, we know conscious means aware or awake. So from my perspective, conscious action is simply being in and moving from an awakened or aware stance in life. 

It is taking what we know or feel to be our highest ideals and truths and actually living our life in alignment with them. Perhaps we have become aware of our thoughts, beliefs, the words we use and we realize that they may not support our highest ideal or vision of who we really are and what we really want for ourselves. In this moment we have a choice, to ignore what is surfacing for us and continue sleepliving or fully step into conscious action and shift our thoughts, beliefs, words and action to support our ideals and the vision of what we want for ourselves and our world. Furthermore, we allow it to get really juicy because we move from the heart and intend that it is so- right NOW. 

Now don't be scared. Moving from the heart is not a woosy fluffy thing to do. Scientists have some pretty amazing things to say about the heart. The heart’s electromagnetic field is 5,000 times stronger than that of the brain. Its electrical field is 60 times greater than that of the brain. It is an organ of communication, a transmitter and receiver of information. All info comes through the heart before the brain and body. The heart will “hear” what it is programmed to “hear”. If love resides in the heart, it will attune to love. If fear, anger, or resentment resides in the heart, the heart will attune to that. What we focus upon we receive and transmit- all through the heart, carried upon the breath of our intention with the words and thoughts that we choose.

When we make a shift within towards greater love, joy and appreciation that space is also created outside of us- in the field of oneness. Coming into heart coherence helps us to feel and experience that oneness. It shows us how to lean into conscious action.

Here is a heart coherence meditation from HeartMath Institute. If it resonates, use it. If not, pass her by. 

I have linked you to some pretty incredible opportunities for conscious action with community.  Hover over the Learn and Grow button above in the menu, scroll down to Conscious Action and hover for a drop down list of opportunities. Click away!

And hey, if you are involved in some conscious action~ I want to know about it. Thanks!