Sacred Ceremony

Would you like to create a sacred ceremony that is uniquely yours in support of your intent, needs and spiritual beliefs? I am available to assist you in facilitating: 

Weddings, Celebration of Life, Land and Home Blessings and Cleansing, Rights of Passage, Couples Pre-Wedding Cleansing and Ceremony, New Beginnings Ceremonies, Closure Ceremonies, the possibilities are infinite...

I believe that everything can be experienced as ceremony. Listening to the birds sing at sunrise, drinking your cup of tea in the morning, watching children play, gardening...I listen to your intention around ceremony, connect with my Compassionate Helping Spirits and Guides to receive guidance for how to support you and co-create the ceremony with you for the highest good. 

I am ordained by Universal Life Church Ministry, a non-denominational church, with rights and privileges to perform all duties of the Ministry and am thus able to provide you with proper certificates of wedding ceremony.

For more information or to discuss your ceremony needs/ideas, please contact Erin at 218-341-3411