Quotes -Ground breaking! -Erin has found her professional niche! She is passionate and energetic! -Very good presentation. -Very interesting speaker-loved the demonstration. -Would be good to expand this class to at least half day. I'm now extremely curious on expanding my knowledge in this area. -Not long enough. -Very animated. Engaged participants in exercises to be hands on. Easy to follow. Different perspective on a simple concept. -Awesome speaker! Would have loved more time for her to further explain how the topic relates to mental illness. -Interesting topic, mostly a review of past presentations. -Erin was a very good speaker. Quotes
Evaluation Comments from New Science on Healing Workshop
2012 MN Mental Health Conference

Quotes I can't wait to go and do my own research and exercise the things I have learned today! ~ Workshop was excellent! - I would definitely come again!~ Very enthusiastic speaker~ Speaker did a great job in presenting the material in a way that was relatable~ The most energetic presentation yet, please have more! ~ Loved the hands on! ~ Loved it! ~ Encourage more scientific discussion, it was great ~ Erin had us involved in the whole thing- it was really fun and I actually got something out of it- not our normal seminar. Quotes
Evaluation Comments from Mind-Body Connection Workshop
2011 DRCC Employee Inservice

Quotes By far the best I have ever attended! ~ Very interesting and informative.~ Amazing!~ Tremendous, Very well done, much gratitude! ~ Bring her back! ~ Thank you, Erin was a great teacher & the info greatly related to health. ~ Excellent workshop! ~ Truly enjoyable presenter! Quotes
Evaluations from New Science on Healing Workshop
2011 St. Louis Health and Human Services Conference

Quotes What a wonderful workshop!~ I really enjoyed it, it helps to frame how I and others affect the people around us with our energy and thoughts ~ Excellent presentation! Very inspiring!! So informative, I can't wait to use these practices in my daily life & share them with my kids and family! ~ Awesome subject matter & speaker. I learned an abundant amount of new information & plan to incorporate it in my day to day activities. ~ Very insightful and knowledgable- so grateful! ~ Wow! Awesome! ~ PLease do this again next year! ~ Great message shared with positive joy, thank you! ~ Altered my way of looking at things, thank you! Quotes
Evaluations from New Science on Healing Workshop
2010 St. Louis Health and Human Services Conference

Quotes When we looked into having an expo in Duluth we called around town and asked who we should invite to keynote the event. After four calls, each one had Erin DeWitt as their number one choice. So of course we called her! Quotes
Gary Beckman
Edge Life Expo Manager, 2009 event