We hold within us a potential so great that if all the adjectives in the dictionary were compressed into one word, it would still not fully describe the innate greatness shining out of the eyes of a single ordinary, everyday child. 

~Drunvalo in the Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Volume 2

Conscious Living
The healing modalities and interactive explorations offered by Conscious Living are here to assist you in your return to a feeling of balance, wholeness, joy and love, and to help you connect with your inner wisdom and your compassionate helping Spirits and Guides.  When we live from this space~ our body, mind, spirit and the world around us feel more peaceful, balanced and harmonized. We become aware or conscious of our purpose in this world and the gifts we have to offer. We gain a feeling and sense of interconnectedness and oneness with all of creation. We feel alive! We are living by choice not chance. We are the butterfly emerged, creating our reality from a place of loving awareness. This changes the world, this changes everything! 

Healing Modalities

Energy Medicine may help:

Amplify & Balance Energy

Increase Awareness & Creativity

Release Emotions, Stress & Pain

Restore Joy & Peace

Evolve Consciousness


I've had the honor to study with some pretty wise folks and I delight in practicing what I have learned. The experiences have humbled, transformed and inspired me. I'd like to share with you.

Conscious Action

Community is at the heart of my work and life. I have met incredible local and global people. Together we are raising the consciousness on the planet. We are sending a ripple of love to all that is (that includes you!).


Messages with Spirit Portal Paintings 

A new way to engage with your Compassionate Helping Spirits and Guides created just for YOU! These paintings carry the Messages with Spirit that are shared in a journey on your behalf. Read more here.


Interested in learning Reiki? 

Registration is open for 2023. 

In-person Reiki I and II is being offered June 3rd-4th and November 18th-19th at the Duluth Hub.

Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki Master Teacher Training are being offered December 8th-10th.


Panel Podcast with Wellness Renaissance, May 2019

Judy Breur of Wellness Renaissance interviews Spirit and Wellness Connection Presenters and Organizers. Erin and Theresa Williams join Judy and community members in Panel 1

Curious about Reiki and Erin's philosophy on healing? Check out this Podcast with Erin by Wellness Renaissance.

More on the power of your thoughts...radiating love & appreciation with the water 

Check out the video below. It captures the essence of the goodness we shared with one another and the water during 2013 Twin Ports Bridge Festival. Yep- that's me mug on the screen. I was one of the presenters on stage with Chris Berry. My family calls it "soft rap"- I'll leave it up to you:).

Thanks to Dan Fitzpatrick of Hibernia Productions for filming the festival and creating this little ditty. Thanks to our wonderful speakers, musicians, artists, volunteers, community and planning committee members for co-creating Love in 2013. Learn more here